Are you selling your home?


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We know there are many reasons why you need to sell your home, and some of them can be very complicated. Allow us to explore and discuss your options with you. Often times we can save you time and money by avoiding fees and taking quick action. We buy houses in any condition, pay cash, and can close in your timeline! 

Our service doesn’t end at closing. Let us help you with the transition to your new home with property location, moving, and storage solutions

Contact us today for the details on all the services we can provide to you. with a sort phone consultation we can provide you with a solution or direct you to someone who can.


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Are you a motivated agent?

New listings, networking, trouble properties, and more…

As our business grows it will present you with several valuable opportunities. From listing our rehab properties to closing our wholesale deals to networking with us and the businesses we work with. There is a great deal of value in working with us!  

We also would be more than happy to look at any properties that may be distressed, in disrepair, or just not drawling much interest in the market.


General contractor opportunities

As a real estate investment company we use general and sub contractors on a continual basis. We want to develop solid mutually beneficial business relationships with local contractors in our areas of operation. As we grow we need more of these relationships. Lets expand our businesses and improve our communities together. We offer many job opportunities with a clear plan and scope of work to make it easier on your end to get the job done and get paid! 

fellow real estate investors…

We believe in this business there’s plenty to go around and with that said, we look at fellow investors as an opportunity to network and work together toward a common goal. If your a rehab investor, we have wholesale properties that are sure to be of interest to you. If you are on the wholesale side of investing, let us take a look at your inventory and see if we can work together and grow our businesses together.